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The employees at JieStar Engineering can agree that the company has provided them with numerous opportunities to improve themselves. No matter their position in the company, Company is insistent on sending them for training despite that the entire cost of it is borne by the company. With the majority of organisations out there would have their employees sign contract bonds after giving them additional training, JieStar Engineering does not have such a practice.

Most would agree that safety is of paramount importance. Especially in the construction industry, nothing precedes more than safety. It is the responsibility of the company to ensure that proper procedures are followed through with no compromises. The fate of projects and the livelihoods of the employees depends on the safety standards that keeps them on their feet and paying extra attention to the surroundings. JieStar Engineering takes this especially seriously as they have no intentions to see their employees getting hurt or injured from something that can be entirely avoidable.

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