JieStar Engineering


Corporate Profile

JieStar Engineering has been established since 18 October 2014. We aim to deliver quality services so as to ensure continuous support from our clients. We have obtained a repeated quotation from at least 80% of our existing clients to achieve 95% rectification of defect within 1 month upon receiving of defect list. We also hope to achieve average customer satisfaction rating greater or equal to 80%.

Our Testament

Consequently, embarking on a journey to achieve ISO 9001, 14001, 18001 and also attaining BizSafe Star certification in 2015, all of which were garnered instantaneously; JieStar is an archetype of consistent efficiency through Synergy and Dexterity.

The cardinal attributes of this promising enterprise would be its Quality. Environmental, Health and Safety Objectives ensuring uncompromised implementation of effective Risk Management for the Health & Safety of its faculty in conjunction with resolutely qualitative services.

JieStar is a representation of culpable leadership in energy and environmental design thereby serving a catalyst for ceaseless harmony to be maintained in its core standards.

Our Dream

In giving, it opens many doors to receiving. Think of education conferment to budding youths as a way of contributing to the community-making a difference in our society is inherent in our blood. We envision to be a platform for entrepreneurs alike to work together towards a common goal; we strive to be a place with a united ethos amongst many hearts, as Company with an equitable Way of Life, in the eyes of many.

Our Achievements


Our Awards